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Curriculum Vitae in English
Sandrine FERNEZ-WALCH English
Écrit par Sandrine Fernez-Walch   

Curriculum Vitae

Sandrine Fernez-Walch
Associate Professor in management (Maître de Conférences hors classe)
University of Toulouse-Capitole, TSM-Research (EAC 5032 CNRS),
2, rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty, 31042 Toulouse Cedex, France       
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Habilitation à diriger des recherches en sciences de gestion (HDR, Université Toulouse-Capitole, 2001); Qualification required to supervise PhD students in France
- PhD in industrial economics: L’innovation au quotidien dans une entreprise industrielle (MINES Paris Tech, 1991)
- Diploma of Ingénieur agronome (AgroParis Tech, specialized Grande Ecole in agricultural engineering, 1985)

Work experience

Jobs occupied during my career
- Associate Professor and researcher, Université Toulouse-Capitole, since 1992
- Assistant Professor, MINES Paris Tech (1986-1992); also worked part time in the human resources department for the Danone Group on organisational change in 1987 and 1988
- Research engineer at Centre de Gestion Scientifique de MINES Paris Tech, a French Grande Ecole (1985-1986)
- Mainly dealing with innovation management, project and quality management, strategic management and organization theories
- Initial education and training programmes in universities, grandes écoles and other engineering schools
- In France and abroad (English speaking courses)
Main research results
1.    "Innovation multi-project management" concept
Specific skills were acquired, thanks to collaborative research projects conducted with companies such as Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse. Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse is an international aircraft system manufacturer. During the research, a multi-project management framework was developed and implemented. This framework structures the R&D and innovation process of the company, by linking both innovation project management and strategy.
2.     Understanding and improving management practices in innovating organizations and networks 
I am able to analyze organisational complexity by taking into account the specificities of the study context ; that by using a theoretical framework I elaborated, that combines knowledge relating to the Resource-based view, the evolutionary theory, and the organization theories. 
Other significant activities
- Books written:
Four editions of Le Management de l’innovation, de la stratégie aux projets. These french books aim to update innovation management related academic knowledge in order to provide a guidebook to practitioners.
The multiple Facets of Innovation Project Management. This research book aims to provide a multi-disciplinary view of innovation project management theory and practice in established firms. It can be read by both researchers and practitioners.

Special skills
- R&D and innovation management
- Non recurrent processes management
- Organizational complexity
- Integrative scientific multi-disciplinary perspective
- Context specificity
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